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ILEDscreen niche in high definition, fine pixel pitch displays for indoor and outdoor applications as higher education, corporate spaces, broadcast, retail signage, exhibits, worship venues, and creative experiences. We deliver high impact, sharp solutions and a technology that take the audience to feel comfort. We have installed over 10,000 LED screens and displays in variable locations of our clients. As an LED screen manufacturer, we can offer a complete solution for bespoke, mobile traffic signs, Car park signs, LED message displays, LED road signs, Lane control signs, LED Digital signage for your business

We communicate with our clients in all the way through the process from concept to bespeak, offering you the most cost-effective solution for your needs.


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How We Work

Our LED display operates through the seamless integration of individual segments and the utilization of multiplexing, resulting in a visual stunning and dynamic display.


Effective planning entails engaging a diverse group of stakeholders, utilizing a range of ideation techniques, and critically evaluating proposed strategies and design implementations.


Effective testing and QC procedures are essential for ensuring the performance, longevity, and quality of LED display products, and can help identify and resolve issues early on.


Delivery, and after-sales support are the crucial for providing a positive customer experience which leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Products

Discover our wide range of LED Screen products to enhance your events and business requirements.

COB LED Series

Each COB series are seamlessly connected for a longer indoor application and display a sharp view. It’s an Ultra HD display with COB to protect from dust and moisture. With less than 0.2mm tolerance. Contrast with 6000:1, Deep Black and Vibrant colors, Easy to handle and maintain, perfectly coated led to Interact Applications. Ultra-viewing angle 160, Frontend installation and maintenance, Wall mounting and Stacking. Ultra HD series suitable for Retail, Government, Corporate, Boardroom, Studios, Education platforms. Save time and labor back maintenance.


Pixel Pitch :




Install & Service :



COB LED Shelf Ribbon Display

A simple, modular design with Hooks, screws and magnets which allows to fit on any shelves or rack. It supports wall-mounted and mobile stand installation, which can easily be installed. Each COB series are seamlessly connected for a longer shelf application and displays a sharp view. It's an Ultra HD display with COB to protect from dust and moisture. Its placed-on shelves or rack in the stores to help promote inventory in a video advertisement. Save time and labor by updating prices digitally. Capable of feature Plug n Play, IP65 Waterproofing protection, Easy to handle and maintain, Perfectly coated led to Interact Applications.


Pixel Pitch :

P1.2 - P1.8



Install & Service :



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The use of digital signage is highly recommended for monument signs, regardless of their size and whether they are new or retrofitted installations. Stax offers a great solution that can be easily installed with minimum heavy equipment, making it highly flexible for both sign companies and customers.