Following a pledge by the Welsh Traffic Minister the “Safer Routes to School” Messagemaker Displays rose to the challenge to supply remotely programmable Speed Reduction Signs to reduce the speed limit to 20MPH during school start & finish times. The ultimate goal is to make roads around schools safer for all road users, pedestrians, and especially school children.

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Iledscreen Displays developed a new electronic speed reduction safety sign, which has been installed on numerous roads outside schools. These signs use the latest LED technology and enable remotely programmable timers to be set to 20 mph speeds during school hours, returning to normal speed limit signs at other times.

A large number of evaluation studies have demonstrated a link between the introduction of 20mph zones and a subsequent reduction in casualties, particularly for schools on Trunk Roads.

The new digital LED signs installed are designed to protect schoolchildren and their parents at the beginning and end of the school day. Outside of key pick-up and drop-off times, the signs display normal speed limits and when activated by remotely programmable timers, a 20 mph temporary speed limit is displayed to encourage drivers to slow down. These types of signs are also popular with drivers as they provide an alternative to speed cameras which are considered to be ‘anti-motorist’.

“iLedScreen Displays provides several display combinations to suit your location requirements and can be remotely configured, we are here to support from the entire iledscreen team.”

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