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How big of an LED screen can you build?

This question is most often asked in comparison to projectors and projector screens. The projected image is a reflection, not actually a light source, so the maximum brightness you can get off of a reflection is never enough in sunlight verses a LED screen. LED Screens are light-emitters, as opposed to standard projection screens which are light-reflectors. This means that the screen IS the light source, so you get brighter images and more vibrant colors. LED’s actually produce colors in a range greater than most video cameras are capable of capturing! Unlike projection screens, LED Screens are useable in bright environments such as convention centers, stages with full scenic lighting, and even the sunny outdoors.

Can you also provide a TaxiTop frame structure?

We can, but considering the high cost and freight, normally we suggest clients prepare it in their local place according to the CAD drawing we provide.

I really would like to see a technical drawing to see whether it fits with the local regulations.

The Technical drawing for these systems are not easily available cause to date it was not been asked by any other person to provide them, I will try my best but the drawing is difficult to have. (Privacy).

What support/service do you offer?

iledscreen engineers are working 7/24 Hours, On-site and Remotely. The support for the led display will be provided when firstly manufactured the led display on your request. A step-by-step process knowledge will be provided before shipping. In 2 Years, the product has any issue we will care about it. We will provide free spare parts, in future replacement processes if needed. Free of Charge any of our products provided to you as in Maintenance or Change.

In a Single-color video panel is the power supply is the same as a normal SMD panel?

Yes, the Power supply is the same as in SMD Panel.

Can websites send data to display directly using 4g in the display? Im assuming Sim card is in the display in Taxi Top LED Display?

True, if the 4G card is activated on the system, then the website can send data to the system.

Can the GPS location of the LED display be read by websites?

Not all websites can access it, only the prescribed website can show the data for GPS and other details.

Expected decline in brightness per year?

If the LED Brand is KingLight or KNLight and using only for Day then: a 4% – 8% decrease will occur in Brightness per year. If the LED Brand is Nationstar then: a 2% to 5% decrease will occur in brightness per year. If you use Day and Night then KingLight or KNLight: 5% to 10% decrease will occur in brightness per year. As Day and Night usage for Nationstar then: 3% – 7% decrease will occur in brightness per year. As almost the brightness depends on the usage of LED Display in your place